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Embarrassing texts of Darwin’s books and intellectual people

There’s a dark side in Darwin’s ideology (besides his pseudo-science, of course), as we will observe here, many parts in his writings sound quite racist, and a lot inhuman, indifferent, even Nazist…

Searching two books, his records of the years 1845, and the best-seller “The Descent of Man”, we can find these gruesome words:


“The savages followed the ship, and just before dark we saw
their fire, and again heard their wild cry “

“All savages appear to possess, to an uncommon degree,
this power of mimicry. I was told, almost in the same words,
of the same ludicrous habit among the Caffres: the
Australians, likewise, have long been notorious for being
able to imitate and describe the gait of any man, so that he
may be recognised. How can this faculty be explained? is it a
consequence of the more practised habits of perception and
keener senses, common to all men in a savage state, as
compared with those long civilized “

“It seems yet wonderful to me, when I think over all his
many good qualities, that he should have been of the same
race, and doubtless partaken of the same character, with the
miserable, degraded savages whom we first met here“

“They examined the colour of his skin, and
compared it with ours. One of our arms being bared, they
expressed the liveliest surprise and admiration at its
whiteness, just in the same way in which I have seen the
ourang-outang do at the Zoological Gardens.”

“Certainly I believe that many savages of the lowest grade,
such as these of Tierra del Fuego, have seen objects struck,
and even small animals killed by the musket, without being
in the least aware how deadly an instrument it is.“

“Although among these savages, the chief has absolute
power of life and death over his slave, yet there is an entire
absence of ceremony between them. Mr. Burchell has
remarked the same thing in Southern Africa, with the rude
Bachapins. “

“Some authors, in defining the primary races of mankind,
have separated these Indians into two classes; but this is
certainly incorrect. “

“It is impossible to reflect on the changed state of the
American continent without the deepest astonishment.
Formerly it must have swarmed with great monsters (wow, Darwin believed in “monsters”, where are the same critics that stand against the bible, now?): now we find
mere pigmies, compared with the antecedent, allied races

“As we see those animals, whose instinct compels them to
live in society and obey a chief, are most capable of
improvement, so is it with the races of mankind.”

“I believe, in this extreme part of South America, man exists
in a lower state of improvement than in any other part of the
world. The South Sea Islanders of the two races inhabiting
the Pacific, are comparatively civilized. “

“The various races of men walking in the streets afford the
most interesting spectacle
in Port Louis. Convicts from India are banished here for life“

He has made an interesting comment, in regard to Mr. Wallace:

“I cannot, therefore, understand how it is that Mr.
Wallace maintains, that “natural selection could only have
endowed the savage with a brain a little superior to that of
an ape.”

The thing goes worse in his book, The Descent of Man:

“A most important obstacle in civilised countries to an
increase in the
number of men of a superior class has been strongly insisted
on by Mr. Greg
and Mr. Galton (father of EUGENICS), namely, the fact
that the very
poor and reckless, who are often degraded by vice, almost
invariably marry
early, whilst the careful and frugal, who are generally
otherwise virtuous,
marry late in life, so that they may be able to support
themselves and
their children in comfort. Those who marry early produce
within a given
period not only a greater number of generations, but, as
shewn by Dr.
Duncan, they produce many more children. The children,
moreover, that
are borne by mothers during the prime of life are heavier and
larger, and
therefore probably more vigorous, than those born at other
periods. Thus
the reckless, degraded, and often vicious members of society,
tend to
increase at a quicker rate than the provident and generally
members. Or as Mr. Greg puts the case: “The careless,
squalid, unaspiring
Irishman multiplies like rabbits: the frugal, foreseeing, selfrespecting,
ambitious Scot, stern in his morality, spiritual in his faith,
and disciplined in his intelligence, passes his best years in
struggle and
in celibacy, marries late, and leaves few behind him. Given a
originally peopled by a thousand Saxons and a thousand
Celts–and in a
dozen generations five-sixths of the population would be
Celts, but fivesixths
of the property, of the power, of the intellect, would
belong to the
one-sixth of Saxons that remained. In the eternal ‘struggle for
existence,’ it would be the inferior and LESS favoured
race that had
prevailed–and prevailed by virtue not of its good
qualities but of its

“At some future period,
not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised
races of man will
almost certainly exterminate, and replace, the savage
races throughout the
world. At the same time the anthropomorphous apes, as
Schaaffhausen has remarked, will no doubt be exterminated. The break between
man and his
nearest allies will then be wider, for it will intervene
between man in a
more civilised state, as we may hope, even than the
Caucasian, and some ape
as low as a baboon, instead of as now between the negro
or Australian and
the gorilla.”

“If the various checks specified in the two last
paragraphs, and perhaps
others as yet unknown, do not prevent the reckless, the
vicious and
otherwise inferior members of society from increasing at
a quicker rate
than the better class of men, the nation will retrograde,
as has too often
occurred in the history of the world. We must remember
that progress is no invariable rule.“

“We will now look to the intellectual faculties. If in
each grade of
society the members were divided into two equal bodies,
the one including
the intellectually superior and the other the inferior,
there can be little
doubt that the former would succeed best in all
occupations, and rear a
greater number of children. Even in the lowest walks of
life, skill and
ability must be of some advantage; though in many
occupations, owing to the
great division of labour, a very small one. Hence in
civilised nations
there will be some tendency to an increase both in the
number and in the
standard of the intellectually able. But I do not wish
to assert that this
tendency may not be more than counterbalanced in other
ways, as by the
multiplication of the reckless and improvident; but even
to such as these,
ability must be some advantage.
It has often been objected to views like the foregoing,
that the most
eminent men who have ever lived have left no offspring to
inherit their
great intellect. Mr. Galton says, “I regret I am unable
to solve the
simple question whether, and how far, men and women who
are prodigies of
genius are infertile. I have, however, shewn that men of
eminence are by
no means so.”“

“The advancement of the welfare of mankind is a most
intricate problem: all
ought to refrain from marriage who cannot avoid abject
poverty for their
children; for poverty is not only a great evil, but tends
to its own
increase by leading to recklessness in marriage. On the
other hand, as Mr.
Galton has remarked, if the prudent avoid marriage,
whilst the reckless
marry, the inferior members tend to supplant the better
members of society.”

“Otherwise he would sink
into indolence, and the more gifted men would not be more
successful in the
battle of life than the less gifted” (what battle? Aren’t all the men equal, and endowed with the same rights?)

“There should be open competition for all men; and the
most able
should not be prevented by laws or customs from
succeeding best and rearing
the largest number of offspring.” (He held a great concern with the prevalence of the most prominent, “civilized” “races…)

“The main conclusion arrived at in this work, namely,
that man is descended
from some lowly organised form, will, I regret to think,
be highly
distasteful to many. But there can hardly be a doubt
that we are descended
from barbarians. The astonishment which I felt on first
seeing a party of
Fuegians on a wild and broken shore will never be
forgotten by me, for the
reflection at once rushed into my mind–such were our
ancestors. These men
were absolutely naked and bedaubed with paint, their long
hair was tangled,
their mouths frothed with excitement, and their
expression was wild,
startled, and distrustful. They possessed hardly any
arts, and like wild
animals lived on what they could catch; they had no
government, and were
merciless to every one not of their own small tribe. He
who has seen a
savage in his native land will not feel much shame, if
forced to
acknowledge that the blood of some more humble creature
flows in his veins.
For my own part I would as soon be descended from that
heroic little
monkey, who braved his dreaded enemy in order to save the
life of his
keeper, or from that old baboon, who descending from the
mountains, carried
away in triumph his young comrade from a crowd of
astonished dogs–as from
a savage who delights to torture his enemies […]”


Well, from this, we can have no doubt about the true origins, roots of many evil things that followed Darwin; such as Social Darwinism,  Eugenics, Nazism, Arianism, communism (which has killed almost 113 million persons)…

No wonder Darwin’s legacy has inspired so many racism and crimes against non-white people, it’s fact that, for the forwarding of researches on Evolution, many Aborigines were hunted, and killed as mere animals, guinea pigs (see more on  articles Darwin and racism and   Darwin’s bodysnatchers: new horrors, for example).

An increasing wave of racism against black people, Aboriginal descendants its occurring world-wide, and it wouldn’t surprise one after reading these texts about “evolution of man”.. Notice the shifting on the color of the “humanoids” in these OFFICIAL PICTURES:

This above image comes from the official Smithsonian site, just to mention…

This one above comes from official Australian textbooks


Wow it’s a quite common trend, by the way! Well, this makes evolution even worse, not only for the sake of scientific advancement, but also for the social welfare, and human dignity… Decades after Darwin, many deformed people, has been treated as sub-humans, such as Ota Benga, Julia Pastrana, Krao Farini and others, thus called as “Missing links”, “ape-man” and “ape-woman”, due to a horrible evolution-poisoned view..

Even before Darwin, an racist atmosphere has permeated the so-called “intellectual” groups, which included renowned persons such as Voltaire, great critic of the bible, and great racist:

“Voltaire found biblical monogenism laughable, as he expressed: “It is a serious question among them whether the Africans are descended from monkeys or whether the monkeys come from them. Our wise men have said that man was created in the image of God. Now here is a lovely image of the Divine Maker: a flat and black nose with little or hardly any intelligence. A time will doubtless come when these animals will know how to cultivate the land well, beautify their houses and gardens, and know the paths of the stars: one needs time for everything”

”The negro race is a species of men different from ours as
the breed of spaniels is from that of greyhounds. The mucous membrane, or
network, which nature has spread between the muscles and the skin, is white
in us and black or copper-colored in them.” 

Christopher Meiners, another “enlightened thinker”:

“The more intelligent and noble people are by nature, the more adaptable, sensitive, delicate, and soft is their body; on the other hand, the less they possess the capacity and disposition towards virtue, the more they lack adaptability; and not only that, but the less sensitive are their bodies, the more can they tolerate extreme pain or the rapid alteration of heat and cold; when they are exposed to illnesses, the more rapid their recovery from wounds that would be fatal for more sensitive peoples, and the more they can partake of the worst and most indigestible foods … without noticeable ill effects.”

Georges Cuvier:

“The Negro race… is marked by black complexion, crisped or woolly hair, compressed cranium and a flat nose. The projection of the lower parts of the face, and the thick lips, evidently approximate it to the monkey tribe: the hordes of which it consists have always remained in the most complete state of barbarism.”

Arthur Schopenhauer:

“The highest civilization and culture, apart from the ancient Hindus and Egyptians, are found exclusively among the white races; and even with many dark peoples, the ruling caste, or race, is fairer in colour than the rest, and has, therefore, evidently immigrated, for example, the Brahmins, the Inca, and the rulers of the South Sea Islands. All this is due to the fact that necessity is the mother of invention, because those tribes that emigrated early to the north, and there gradually became white, had to develop all their intellectual powers, and invent and perfect all the arts in their struggle with need, want, and misery, which, in their many forms, were brought about by the climate. This they had to do in order to make up for the parsimony of nature, and out of it all came their high civilization.”

Well, even the most prominent and hailed thinkers of the world couldn’t come to the correct conclusion in regard to the common origin of every human, all the way around; they frequently held disgusting and awkward ideologies which only reinforced the racism along the centuries. Interesting, the only source that has match what the science has only recently discovered, i.e., that all the humans have one common origin was the bible, starting with the narrative of Adam and Eve, the parents of all humankind!

“And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.” Genesis 3.20

“He made from one [blood] every nation of men to dwell on all the surface of the earth, having determined appointed seasons, and the boundaries of their dwellings,” Acts 17.26

God bless you!


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